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Welcome to the Friends of Tubeho Website!

FoT scholars Kigali May 2013

FoT scholars Kigali May 2013

Created in 2006, Friends of Tubeho is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is committed to providing access to education for more than 300 orphans of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 who live together in small houses provided by the association Tubeho in Kigali.

The name “Tubeho” means “let’s live” in Kinyarwanda, which precisely is what our association works to help these orphans do—to build better lives for themselves through education in the devastating aftermath of the genocide of the Tutsi. More than 300 orphans live in Tubeho in reconstituted families of five to ten members. For these orphans, often the sole survivors of their entire extended family, access to schooling and decent conditions for study are crucial, so that they can forge a place for themselves within Rwanda’s society and overcome their financial, emotional, and medical distress.

To achieve these goals, “Friends of Tubeho” aims to fund access to high school and undergraduate education and to provide the means to create and maintain a library and a computing center in the village, managed by the survivors.

“After a genocide, education allows orphans to reconstruct themselves, to integrate into the new society, to repair the humiliation experienced during the genocide, to project themselves into the future, to base themselves in scholarly encounters. An education allows them to feel they will not be forgotten a second time, to equip themselves to confront life and its many difficulties. Furthermore, an education allows orphans to grow, to bloom and to develop on personal, social and professional levels. The opportunity to study allows orphans to become autonomous on many levels.”

—Berthe Kayitesi, former member of Tubeho and now FoT ambassador

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To make a donation by check, download the form here:

and then make checks payable to:

Friends of Tubeho
933 High Street, Bath, ME  04530

“We support friends of Tubeho because it is a way we can reach across the world to give other children the same kind of education and family support we were able to give Michael, John, and Liddy. If my own children were orphaned and their world turned upside-down, I trust that others would come to help them.”

—Darreby, Michael, Michael, Liddy & John—

Contact Information


001-207-443 2819


001-207-786 8331 (att. to Alexandre Dauge-Roth)

Postal address

933 High Street, Bath, ME 04530

Electronic mail

Alexandre Dauge-Roth (president): adaugero@bates.edu

General Information: info@friendsoftubeho.org

Webmaster: joel@friendsoftubeho.org

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